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Tomatoes a la Creme

Tomatoes a la Creme

Tomatoes a la Creme, although originating from France in the 1920s, has been a popular dish in many countries for decades. Inciting romantic verse and fond memories from grown-up children who recall happy moments in the kitchen watching their mothers and grandmothers make and serve the simple but delicious dish. Maybe the thing that gets to the…

The Beehive

Gin and chambord cocktail

This cocktail makes a great party drink. A mix of gin, sloe gin and the lovable black raspberry liqueur chambord. But be warned – they are a little too easy to knock back!   The Beehive Serves 1 30ml gin 20ml Sloe gin 60ml pink grapefruit juice 10ml chambord Ice Cocktail shaker   Method: Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.…

Beef, Guinness and Smoked Oyster Pie

Beef Guinness Oyster Pie

Steak and Oyster pie dates back to Medieval times when oysters were combined with ingredients such as bacon, beef, parsley and peas, baked into puddings or wrapped in suet pastry, whilst the broth of oysters was thickened with flour, chives and parsley and turned into gravy.  The history of oyster and guinness has it’s roots in London’s taverns…

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