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Oysters Kilpatrick

Oysters Kilpatrick with Stout

Oysters Kilpatrick made with salty smokey bacon and worcestershire sauce, sprinkled on a cooked velvety oyster eaten warm straight from the grill. …

Miso Aubergine (Nasu Dengaku)

A popular Japanese dish, Miso Aubergine is salty and sweet. Traditionally called Nasu Dengaku the name taken from Japanese spring rice planting …

Cajun Buttered Corn

Cajun Buttered Corn

Cajun Buttered Corn made with Southern-style spices and butter. Delicious when slathered on hot corn ready to eat immediately. …

Smokey prawn tapas

Smokey Prawn Tapas

Smokey prawn tapas with chilli, eaten with crusty bread. Perfect for when you have limited time to cook as it takes roughly …

Salsa Verde

Salsa verde is an Italian sauce made of fresh herbs, capers, anchovies, lemon juice and oil, zingy and tasting of green goodness …

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