Easy Spanish Tapas with Authentic Quality Ingredients from EATAPAS


Make eating fun by preparing these easy and super tasty tapas dishes, perfect for sharing between drinks. With such quality ingredients, all that’s left is to slice some crusty bread and have the olive oil on hand for heavy dousing.

Iberico Bellota Shoulder Ham Tapas

Superior quality cured shoulder ham from Spain, exclusively produced from pigs with at least 75% Iberian breed….Recipe

Manchego Cheese, Anchovy and Smoked Paprika Tapas

Whether you are a fan of anchovies or not, these superior Cantabrian anchovies are a wonder of their own …Recipe


Char-grilled Pepper Tapas

These char-grill marinated peppers are so moreish you’ll be hard-pressed to pace yourself and not devour the entire jar at once….Recipe

Manchego Cheese and Smoked Paprika Tapas

Manchego cheese is a Artisan cheese made from raw sheep milk and aged for a period of 2 – 4 months…..Recipe

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