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English Fry-Up – Day 6 Teppanyaki Grill Challenge


 English Fry-Up

This one is a world-known classic, the good old English fry-up, albeit certain lovable elements such as beans, black pudding and chips. Here is a slightly healthier version, but none-the-less delicious.

The best part about this fry-up is you can boil the kettle, make your morning coffee or tea, sit down – relax- and watch your fry up cook on the teppanyaki grill. Easy mornings are the best. 

English Fry-Up


English Fry-Up
Serves 1


1 egg
2 rashes bacon
1/2 tomato
2 large handfuls baby leaf spinach
bread slices


  1. Turn teppanyaki grill on to heat setting 3. Add a little oil to grill and brush over evenly.
  2. Place bacon and tomato on the grill. When bacon is ready to turn over, crack an egg onto the grill.
  3. When Egg bacon and tomato are done, put on a warm plate and add spinach and buttered bread to grill.
  4. Toss spinach so it doesn’t burn. Brown bread on both sides (by adding pressure to the bread it will cook faster, so either press down with your hands or place a small saucepan on top).
  5. Serve!

English Fry-Up


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