Roast Chicken and Stuffing Pie


Chicken-Stuffing-PieChicken roasts are the best, and not just on Sundays! They fill the house with comfort whilst cooking in the oven, and after you’ve stuffed yourself full, leave you feeling satisfied happy and peaceful.

This is the inspiration for these Roast Chicken and Stuffing Pies. Making this pie with chicken wings rather than left over chicken or thighs not only gives you tender juicy meat, but the bones are used as the base for the sauce resulting a rich flavoursome gravy. Chicken wings are super cheap and the perfect meat for pies and soups.

The stuffing balls are roasted along with the chicken and garlic, then torn apart and added to the pie mixture. It’s like a Sunday roast all packed into one parcel with the addition of scrumptious flakey pastry on top.


Roast Chicken and Stuffing Pies

Makes 4 small pies or 1 large



10 chicken wings

Olive oil

1 large rosemary twig

1 large onion, cut into 4 wedges

2 carrots. cut into large chunks

Salt and pepper to season

1 whole garlic bulb

1 small packet sage and onion stuffing mix

2 rashes bacon, chopped into small pieces

1 potato

1 tbsp thyme

1/2 cup petit pois

1 tbsp flour

1 litre chicken stock

1 tbsp curry powder

Puff pastry


1. Preheat oven to 180C. Put chicken wings, onion, carrot and garlic bulb in a roasting tin. Cover with olive oil, rosemary and salt and pepper. Roast for 50 minutes.

2. Add water (as per packet instructions) and chopped bacon to the stuffing mix. When cooled mould into small balls. Place on foil or another small roasting pan, and place on another shelf in the oven.

3. Peel potato, slice thin and into small pieces. Boil in salted water.

4. When chicken is ready, remove wings from the pan, and set aside with the garlic bulb and stuffing balls to cool. Do not discard the onion, carrot and cooking juices in the pan as this will be the base for the gravy.

5. Once cooled remove all the meat from the chicken wings and return bones to the roasting pan.

6. On a medium heat, place the roasting pan on the stove top, along with the flour and mix well, moving ingredients around so noting burns. Now add the chicken stock and curry powder, cook another couple of minutes until liquid starts to bubble and thicken.

7. Turn off the heat. Remove carrot chunks and set aside with the other ingredients. Using a sieve, drain the gravy from the pan, discarding the bones and onion. This is your gravy sauce for the pie.

8. All the ingredients should be roughly the same size. Tear up the stuffing balls, chop up the carrot chunks. Squeeze the roasted garlic bulbs out and mash-up.

9. In a bowl mix together the chicken, stuffing, peas, carrot, roasted garlic, thyme, and gravy sauce. Season with salt and pepper if needed.

10. Divide mixture into 4 individual pie tins, or 1 large one. Cover with pastry. Roast pie in the oven at 200C or until pastry is crisp and browned.





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